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Property ID: 12280183

Price: £10,000

Property Location: USA, Illinois, Cook County, Chicago

Investment Type: Property Investment

Type of Property:

This secure, fixed rate bond has been developed with the express aim of re-housing 2,000 families in the Chicago area. Over a 3 year period investors will receive returns equal to 12% per annum, paid every 6 months.

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Secure Fixed Rate Bonds


A Socially Responsible Investment

This Social Housing Bond (SHB) is a socially responsible investment (SRI) and its main aim is to provide safe, clean and decent housing to either the very low or low income families in the Chicago area. On each investment made $50 is donated to Kiva, which helps to fight worldwide poverty.

Why Invest In The US Property Market?

Whilst US property prices have dropped, foreclosures have sky-rocketed, forcing many thousands out of their home. This in turn has increased demand for good rental properties and this has been further compounded by the US banks keeping a very tight rein on mortgage finance.

This restriction of credit is forcing not just those who have lost their homes into the rental sector but also first time buyers.  This “perfect storm” has created an excellent opportunity for the astute property investor in the US housing market.

The US Social Housing Bond has been designed to allow both private and institutional investors an opportunity to benefit from these circumstances with returns of 12% per annum. This is asset backed and secured upon the shares of Colonial Capital LLC.


The bonds benefit from first ranking charge over the shares in the company in the US that holds all of the properties funded by the bonds.

The company acquires distressed property, typically 2-4 unit multi dwelling houses in West & South Chicago.  After a comprehensive refurbishment process these properties are then let to US families under the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program, formerly known as Section 8. This allows the company to achieve High Rental Yields that are paid and underwritten by the US government.

There is a minimum initial investment of £10,000 and subsequent purchases at £1,000. The annual returns are 12% of the sum invested which is paid bi-annually. The start date for returns is exactly 6 months after the final date for subscription. This allows for administration, property acquisition, refurbishment and rental.

The final redemption payment is paid after 3 years.

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